The Vision of Automobili Pininfarina for Pininfarina SpA

Confirming an investment of more than € 20 million in a new cooperation with Pininfarina SpA, Automobili Pininfarina reveals the new images of the PFO hypercar prototype.

The Vision of Automobili Pininfarina for Pininfarina SpA

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Confirming an investment of more than € 20 million in a new cooperation with Pininfarina SpA, Automobili Pininfarina reveals the new images of the PFO hypercar prototype.

The investment is set to underpin the design, development and production of the PFO luxury electric hypercar and the future range of Automobili Pininfarina cars.

Michael Perschke, CEO, Automobili Pininfarina, said “It is a pleasure and a privilege to partner with the world’s greatest car design house, Pininfarina SpA. This agreement brings us together and marks the beginning of two exciting chapters in our very different histories. For Automobili Pininfarina, it will form the cornerstone of our ambition to become the world’s most admired luxury electric vehicle company. For Pininfarina SpA, it delivers Battista’s dream of seeing a range of beautiful and highly desirable Pininfarina-branded cars on the roads.”

Silvio Pietro Angori, CEO, Pininfarina SpA, said, “We are very pleased to add Automobili Pininfarina to the list of the many prestigious car makers for which Pininfarina SpA will be designing cars in the future. This agreement will also allow us to show our expertise in engineering and manufacturing of limited-series cars. Starting with the stunning PFO, we will develop a range of cars for Automobili Pininfarina that I believe will stand side-by-side with classic Pininfarina cars in their beauty, purity and innovative technologies.”

Paolo Pininfarina – PF0 Prototype.

Two images of the PFO prototype have been released to commemorate the strategic alignment that brings the new luxury car brand together with the famed Italian design house. Together they hint at Automobili Pininfarina’s ‘PURA’ design philosophy for both its cars and brand and represent Pininfarina’s famed focus on a balance between design and engineering. With its elegance, simplicity and purity of design, underpinned by extreme technical innovation, PFO clearly shows how Pininfarina SpA will combine its design, engineering heritage and philosophy into the first-ever solely Pininfarina-branded cars.

Known for designing many of the world’s most iconic cars, Automobili Pininfarina has always viewed automotive exterior and interior design, the driving experience, the passenger experience, and engineering innovation as equal partners. With the inseparable form and function, the Italian coachbuilder defines its ‘PURA’ design vision for its own range of cars and all brand touchpoints.

Luca Borgono, Design Director, Automobili Pininfarina, said, “Our design brief to Pininfarina SpA is simple: to take their renowned design and engineering skill, which has produced many of the world’s most elegant and desirable cars, and combine it with our desire to develop and deliver the world’s most beautiful range of luxury cars. There is purity in our ambition, the styling of our cars and our engineering focus on emission-free sustainable performance. We have termed this ‘PURA’, and it will define everything we do in the coming years.”

‘PURA’ will ensure that Automobili Pininfarina cars match purity in design with energizing performance derived from optimized aerodynamics, ground-breaking engineering solutions, and the extreme – yet manageable – power that electrification offers to start with PFO in 2020.

Carlo Bonzanigo, Design Vice President, Pininfarina Group, said, “Pininfarina-designed cars throughout history have always combined creativity and technical rationality in a unique way. This search for the right equilibrium between emotion and reason, together with our constant quest for beauty and elegance, and the will to eschew useless formalism and excessive adornments, has led to some of the most beautiful cars in automotive history. This is the Pininfarina way to conceive cars, and we aim to deliver these standards to all future Pininfarina cars starting from the beautiful PFO hypercar.”

PURA – The Automobili design philosophy inspired by the PFO hypercar. 

The Munich-based company has started presenting the PFO prototype in Europe. The first potential European clients and the first luxury car retailers aiming to represent the brand in the region have met at a series of VIP events hosted by legendary racing driver and new Automobili Pininfarina Development Driver Nick Heidfeld.

Experienced automotive executive Jari Kohonen joins Automobili Pininfarina as Chief Sales Officer with responsibility for global business development and an initial focus on developing the new retail network and customer and prospect engagement strategy.

“In North America, the response to PFO has been overwhelming, with nearly three-quarters of the allocation for that market now reserved by clients. Jari will drive business development across the globe and he brings a wealth of experience across multiple sales regions with brands that are leading the way in connectivity, industry partnerships and unique customer offerings. I welcome him to the management team.”

Jari Kohonen, Chief Sales Officer, Automobili Pininfarina, said, “Automobili Pininfarina is the perfect mix of past, present and future, and it is an amazing privilege to be part of the launch of a new brand with such a rich history. Initial demand is very strong for PFO, and our focus now is on presenting this spectacular hypercar to prospective clients in Europe. Our team will also ensure we have everything in place to leverage the success that the car will almost certainly deliver in order to build a lasting, sustainable, profitable and highly desirable electric car brand.”

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