Beauty Unplugged with Beauty Confidential

Author Tomoka Y. Nguyen’s Beauty Confidential is the perfect resource for self-discovery in health, beauty, and happiness.

Beauty Unplugged with Beauty Confidential

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From home remedies to dermatologist approved products, beauty and health go hand in hand. To navigate through the lies and truths of it all, Tomoka Y. Nguyen’s Beauty Confidential is the perfect resource for self-discovery in health, beauty, and happiness.

Personal care products are all the range in this generation. From prescription ointments to at home tricks, anyone on any budget has all the resources to take better care of their skin with the tools around them, but recently a string of negative press and studies suggest the harmful side effects to many products we use. With conflicting opinions, who is to say which one is right and which one is wrong?

Author Tomoka Y. Nguyen recently created Beauty Confidential: Build Happiness, Health, and Beauty with Homemade Skincare Products and Home Spa. This book is a peak behind the scenes of today’s beauty industry and telling readers secrets big businesses won’t disclose about personal care products, while also suggesting a number of simple and easy tricks to implement remedies to leading a healthier and more beautiful life.

With over 20 years of experience, Tomoka Y. Nguyen wishes to empower and inspire people to look inside themselves for inner beauty that will outshine and inspire for a better future.

Nguyen is a certified Aromatherapist, CIBTAC certified Spa & Wellness veteran, and the founder of Jojomoka Skincare, a chemical free personal care product line. Her twenty years of experience has lead her into crafting and possessing a diverse knowledge and expertise in beauty and health from global healing remedies ranging from Ayurveda, Aromatherapy, Herbalism and other alternative therapies.

As a chance encounter, Tomoka did not know what to do with her life until stumbling into a Bali street where she found a vacancy for a Day Spa in 1997. Not knowing anything about spas and with the beginning of the spa industry in Asia, Tomoka found books and self-educated herself about the idea of spas and self-care. Through this, Tomoka began taking a real interest in the area and has then built her career dedicated to learning about self-care and self-healing.

After her many years in the spa industry, she stated that her motivation for starting this book is the experiences that she has come across in life. Tomoka stated, “lots of so called spas and natural products contains so much chemicals and at the time I had two children and I wanted to make sure the things that they put on their skin was safe and natural and that’s how exploring the possibility of homecare started.” After taking over the most luxurious and largest spa in Thailand, Tomoka began self-educating herself on personal care-products and perfumery because she realises that there is no such thing as 100% all natural products and it’s also not feasible, so she wanted to make products that people can make at home and can have a much better sense of well-being and take on this journey to a better self-awareness of one’s body.

All of Tomoka’s products used inside the book has been extensively research so that even the busiest people can follow and change their way of life starting with healthy skin.

Thanks to her husband, the process of making this book took about five years, with time on researching, writing, and experimenting at home. Tomoka said this was a “fun journey with every recipe properly tested, not just for safety, but efficacy of it.” This process gave Tomoka many challenges that she had to overcome to make sure everything she put in the book was easy to read and do for readers. The two challenges she faced the most was preservatives in products and efficacy. She realised that “If you can’t preserve it long enough, it will not be sustainable because we are all busy.” In the end, Tomoka had to come up with ideas for preservatives that will last for 3 or 6 months and will only take an hour or two to make.

Beauty Confidential has basic understanding of the personal care world and how they fit within that world, readers can make conscious choices that will benefit them the most for glowing and radiant results. This book also brings the journey to a more holistic approach and how to dig deep into oneself. From experience, Tomoka finds its very typical for people to spend hundreds of dollars for small bottles and hogging it until it completely gone, but she believes we are also seeking something deeper than that. Controlled by big businesses, they have painted the idea of the “perfect image in women” and with that, the things we buy for our skin reflects a sense of insecurity. With this book, Tomoka is trying to promote inner beauty.

The definition of beauty from Tomoka is that “beauty should purely be by yourself. It’s not just the flower, but the roots of it so the beauty will follow.” This book is the best place to get started or to restart the skincare of reader’s dreams, one that is personalised and made with them in mind without breaking the bank. Filled with personal experiences, and key wisdom that will empower and encourage a change, readers have already praised Nguyen on her references and inspiration to others out in the world.

Finally have that chance to take personal care to another level and understand what truly goes on in in skin care. Beauty Confidential will give readers confidence and knowledge to go out and find the treatment best for them.

Tomoka similarly notices that “Humans have never been exposed to so many chemicals in our lives until now from everything we touch and breath in… that cocktail effect.” With this book, Tomoka is trying to transform and empower. The book touches upon ideas such as learning powerful techniques to keeping readers healthy, happy, and beautiful, understanding common household ingredients that are safe and effective as skincare products, environmentally friendly tips for life, and creating a plan specialised to the reader. Each product used has been researched by universities and all ingredients have scientific data to back their claim in use for topical application. Each deep dive will inform readers on how to best use these products for their skin.

Beauty Confidential: Build Happiness, Health, and Beauty with Homemade Skincare Products and Home Spa is available now to order online at the jojomoka website or on Kindle at Amazon. Learn from the past and strive for a radiant future in beauty with Author Tomoka Y. Nguyen and reader’s will never look back again.

Editor: Elizabeth Sihombing

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